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Prototype Cell The Nighttime Solar Cell produces clean, silent electrical energy at night, and this second generation prototype is shown prior to final assembly. The internals of the cell are visible with the unique TEG module specially built for this application by Marlow Industries of Dallas, Texas.
Large Prototype Cell The third generation Nighttime Solar Cell prototype with the high TEG-junction count assembly is shown. The cell is powering an electric clock.
Nighttime Solar CellTM Outdoors The second generation Nighttime Solar Cell prototype has been installed since early May 2003, and has been providing performance data in all types of weather.
Static Mixer A working model of the four-paddle multi-portion static mixer is shown. The part was made from Nylon using the Rapid Prototyping SLS process and can be used to prove the effectiveness of the mixer in most types of compounds.
Anti-Global Warming Device The Earth Cooler has been developed to combat the phenomenon known as global warming. Shown here, the first prototype built utilized liquid crystal surface thermometers to prove the effecacy, and demonstrate the performance, of the device.

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