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PARISE RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIES is com­mitted to providing to the industrial, manufac­turing and research communities the highest qual­ity technical assistance, fundamental research, engineering development, and problem solving with an emphasis in the thermal sciences. The company provides creative and innovative design ideas in manufacturing techniques and product development. These new ideas and concepts are protected in the US through the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and internationally as required. These services and innovations are provided in a timely and cost-effective manner.


PARISE RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIES is a small business located in Suffield, Connecticut. The company has committed to developing the efficient utilization, conservation, and conversion of energy. The company is making contributions in automotive transportation in both current technology and future all-electric systems. Research and development include: (i) a method to internally cool fuel cells and/or batteries which will increase longevity and improve performance while facilitating quickly the utilization of all ­electric vehicles as well as usage in electronic devices; (ii) a device that produces electric power from waste heat in automobile catalytic converters to improve gas mileage; and (iii) a fully integrated, pollution-free transportation system using current technology to recharge the on-board energy reservoir while the vehicle travels down the highway. These technologies will have an immediate impact on the quality of automotive travel as well as influence the long-­term development of pollution-free transportation with a renewable energy source.

In the industrial, medical and/or homeowner arena, PARISE RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIES has (iv) a static mixer that blends dual-component epoxies and resins more efficiently than current technology and reduces waste. For energy conversion the company has developed (v) a new resource for clean, reliable, low-wattage electricity from a device designed as a nighttime electrical power source which would complement daytime solar cell (photovoltaic) electricity. Using this same energy conversion technology, the company has developed (vi) a simple, practical device that will gather heat at the surface of the earth and send it safely away from our environment, dedicated solely to combatting the effects of global warming; and (vii) the capa­bility to recharge remotely any portable electronic device without a physical connection. PARISE RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIES provides a diverse mix of products and technologies to better utilize the natural resourses available to mankind.


PARISE RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIES is a high-tech research/consulting firm that provides fundamental research, product design and development in the thermal sciences, as well as creative design ideas for manufacturing and product development. Started by Ronald J. Parise, Ph.D., P.E. (Curriculum Vitae), as a part-time consulting firm over twenty years ago, since 1996 the company has taken on a new endeavor in the development of intellectual property with breakthroughs in various industrial, energy conservation, and high technology areas. The services include practical solutions to real problems with rigorous quantitative analysis; soft­ware development for utilization as a manufac­turing, research or design tool; and innovative development of new or existing product lines, which almost assuredly result in the development of intellectual property owned and licensed by the company. PARISE RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIES has pro­vided product development, equipment design, and plant engineering in the chemical and rubber industries, manufacturing and design in the aerospace industry, and research and manufactur­ing in the communications industry in the making of optical waveguides. The company has special­ized in computational and analytical research in high temperature heat transfer in an absorbing-­emitting media and fluid flow with a manufac­turing emphasis for the past fifteen years. The success of the company and the benefits that have been provided to US industry have encouraged the owners to provide these services fulltime. Much of the practical problem-solving requires fundamental research in specific areas that provide insight into the larger problems. These incremental advances are utilized to obtain the quantitative results that our customers expect.


Multi-Junction Nighttime Solar CellTM Assembly

PARISE RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIES -- We are the idea people. We work with all types of materials and across all technical disciplines. As an example, the figure at the right is part of an assembly that we were building for a direct energy conversion device (The Nighttime Solar CellTM). The device uses solid state components, i.e., thermoelectric generators (TEGs), to produce electricity by taking advantage of the radiative properties of atmospheric air which allows the transmission of infrared (IR) electromagnetic waves through transparent media in particular spectral bands. The limited attenuation of the IR energy determines the power output of the cell. The spectral properties of both the radiating surface on the hot junctions of the solid state TEGs, and the window covering the cell chamber are critical to the operation of the device. The thermal contact between the outside world and the hermetically sealed TEGs is also important to the operation of the cell. Ensuring that the flow of thermal energy occurs through the TEG elements, and then on into deep space, allows the device to work. By combining these several physical phenomena in the simple confines of the Nighttime Solar CellTM, the device produces clean, silent, pollution-free electricity day and night with no moving parts. These are the types of talent we bring to the table to solve your problems.

We will solve your problems.


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